We do private label clothing manufacturing for fashion brands , corporate brands, start-ups and workwear brands by following all the stages of the production. Here are the proccesses which we provide in our service ;

Fabric Sourcing and Development
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One of the our strength is offering you wide range of fabrics and the ability of designing and producing fabrics upon your request.
Printing, Embroidery and Washing
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Printing, Embroidery and Washing techniques on your product that you want to be produced are developed with the designs you want and applied to the products.
Quality Control, Finishing and Packaging
It is important for us to produce the products in the best quality during the production stage. To do this, we implement a series of control processes.
Manufacturing Labels, all trimmings and accessories
Fabric & Material control and tests: If the sample is taken from the fabric from the supplier, the fabric is checked for the desired type, color, quality and if necessary washing and shrinkage tests are performed.
Manufacturing (Sewing)
Pattern & Layer and Cutting Controls: The prepared patterns are checked and made, the fabric quality control is done during cutting and cut is done.
Door to door Delivery
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We are very precise for your products to be delivered at the right time and reached you by right logistic company as well as being careful of manufacturing your products.