You no longer have to purchase large quantities for your first orders and/or pre-production requests. V4tailor strives to work with new start-up fashion brands and support them with a lower minimum order quantity than the market during their start-up stages when their budgets are tight.

We prepare a special file for your order. In this file, details such as size chart, printing and embroidery are written for the product.

It is important for us to produce the best quality products during the production phase. To do this, we implement a series of control processes.

Fabric & Material controls and tests: If a sample is taken from the supplier, the desired type, color, quality control of the fabric is performed and if necessary, washing and shrinkage tests are carried out.

Mold & Layer and Cutting Controls: Fabric quality control is done for cutting and cutting is done. While doing this, it is checked that it conforms to the size table.


Line production controls: Products are checked on the sewing line. The previously prepared file is followed and the sewing properties are checked.

Final control: General control of all products starting from production.

Post Production Quality Controllers: A final quality check is performed just before your order is shipped. To check if both the product and the packaging are finished properly.

The products that pass all these stages are finally ironed and packaged and placed in the appropriate box sizes. The boxes are prepared for shipment by placing them on the upper parts of the boxes and wrapping them with waterproof cling films if necessary.