Here, like most brands, we do not want to start with a classic story like a small classic workshop, producing thousands of pairs of shirt, t-shirt daily and competing with world giants. Although there is such a beginning in our story.


As V4tailor we embrace the future and in in order to keep up with the future we are changing trends of the new world without losing touch with the tradition, and even to be the brand that creates them. We are combineing old and traditional with new and different looks.  

In today’s world where we can access the world’s information faster than ever before, we try to follow all the developments in the world closely and on site in order to produce comfortable and trendy shirt. 

We embrace change, innovation and tradition. Our aim is not only to meet the need, but also to build a brand that will make you different with innovation and trend approaches and that cares about you.

V4tailor wants to be more than just a shirt brand in the future. It wants to stand by its Customers as a brand that thinks about you and your business life and offers you products accordingly, products products that reflect your personality with trend designs, is sensitive, responsible and conscious in social and social issues, and supports animal rights and their struggles for life.

All V4tailor® creations are made strictly by hand in a limited edition, small factory; and obsessive research into, materials, and details. The tailor cuts, sews, assembles and gradually models an everyday work of art.

Be a part of our Story.  


Our philosophy is to keep doing what we do best.Simply put our philosophy is to continue do what we do best. Our strong ties to traditional values of craftsmanship molded with the adaptation of latest technologies in our field enable us to deliver impeccable service to our clients. We cater to the needs of our clients where in the hands of our expert teams any project comes alive rendering each and every end product a harmonious mix of beauty, passion and know-how.